Menomonee Falls High School notifies parents of inappropriate video circulating among students

MENOMONEE FALLS -- A letter was sent home to parents of students at Menomonee Falls High School regarding a video recording of a sexual encounter.

Menomonee Falls police confirm they are investigating a situation involving two children.

The letter states that the video was supposedly shared with numerous students.

School officials are asking parents to speak with their children on the importance of cellphone use -- making a point that they not get involved in the viewing or sharing of these types of videos.

Read the full letter:

"Good evening parents,

I have a couple of issues I would like to explain.

I would like to first inform you of a student incident which occurred outside of school. There was a video made of a sexual encounter which was supposedly shared with numerous students. The incident is only being investigated by the Menomonee Falls Police Department and not the school. I would ask that you use this time to speak with your son/daughter on the importance of cell phone use, making a point not to get involved in the viewing or sharing of these types of social media. It is important to remember, everything we put online, doesn’t just go away once it’s sent. Information, texts and posts are permanent parts of our student’s digital lives. In addition, under Wisconsin law, it is illegal to possess, view, or exchange sexually explicit content of students.

The second issue which occurred was the loss of PowerSchool. PowerSchool is used for grades and attendance. The attendance assistant is re-entering all of the data and should be taken care of by the end of today.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Mr. Vitale"