Menomonee Falls district postpones summer athletic activities due to COVID concerns

MENOMONEE FALLS -- Officials with the Menomonee Falls School District say they are postponing summer contact days for high school athletics "due to an increase in positive COVID cases throughout Waukesha County," a release said Sunday, July 19. 

The announcement comes after Saturday's letter to parents saying “COVID-19 was diagnosed among our football conditioning program attendees."

The most recent letter reads:

As an update to an email sent yesterday, the School District of Menomonee Falls works in close partnership with Waukesha County Health Department (WCHD) to determine current mitigation efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 in Waukesha County, including more specifically, the School District of Menomonee Falls attendance area. 

In the event of a documented positive case, the WCHD and SDMF staff will communicate immediately regarding the situation with families affected. This past week, several families notified SDMF of possible positive cases among student athletes. SDMF district nurse contacted the Waukesha County Health Department to determine next steps.

The decision was made to postpone summer contact days for high school athletic activities due to an increase in positive COVID cases throughout Waukesha County, and specifically Menomonee Falls School District area. SDMF sent a letter to all high school families notifying them that MFHS athletic activities were cancelled due to an increase in positive COVID cases in Waukesha County.

Please be aware that due to privacy laws, including HIPPA and FERPA, the school cannot divulge the names of students/staff members who test positive or the situation(s) in which contact occurs. School staff members will not be able to answer any questions about this situation.

Waukesha County is actively working to quickly identify, notify, and test any children, staff, or visitors who may have come into contact with individuals who tested positive and may be at risk of getting sick. As outlined by the plan approved by the health department, we are performing a thorough deep cleaning and disinfection of the affected environment to control the spread of illness on a daily basis. 

SDMF appreciates families and individuals who self report, as this helps stop the spread of COVID-19 and allows our students to return to school and school-related activities.

COVID-19 continues to be very contagious. People should continue to limit interactions with others as much as possible to protect ourselves, our communities, and the capacity of our health care system. 

  • You are safer when you are at home.

  • You should continue to limit your trips to the essentials.

  • The best way to interact with your friends, family, and neighbors is virtually.

  • Practice physical distancing. Standing at least 6 feet apart is a good rule.

  • When physical distancing is difficult, we recommend wearing a cloth face covering if you feel safe doing so.

  • Wash your hands frequently, and avoid touching your face.

  • Enjoy the beautiful weather by getting outside, but make sure to do it safely. For more tips on summer safety, check out WCHD Questions for Summer.

  • If you have symptoms or have been exposed to COVID-19, get tested.


If you have any questions, please email me at  or call at (262) 946-2354.


Stacy Klemm

Director of Pupil Services

School District of Menomonee Falls