Men face drug charges after stealing electricity from vacant home

RACINE (WITI) -- 33-year-old Alexander Johnson, 28-year-old Justin Shelby, 41-year-old Orlando Bellamy and 37-year-old David Kipp of Racine are facing criminal charges for possession of drugs and maintaining a drug trafficking place. Bellamy is facing an addition charge of burglary of a building or dwelling. This, after police found illegal substances in their home following reports that they were stealing electricity from a nearby vacant home.

According to the criminal complaint, officers with the Racine Police Department responded to a residence  located on St. Clair Street July 2nd for a theft of utilities report. Upon arrival, officials spoke with an individual who reported that extension cords were running from a vacant property he owned to his neighbor's residence.

The complaint alleges that officers found the lights on in the vacant home, both the front and back doors open and a long orange extension cord running from each open door through the yard and into a window next door.

While preparing to clear the residence, two individuals identified as Alexander Bellamy and Alexander Johnson exited their residence on St. Clair Street and approached the officers. According to police, Bellamy told officials his electricity had been cut off earlier in the day so he and a “friend” made entry into the neighboring home and plugged in the extension cords to run them to his residence.

According to the complaint, officers had suspicions regarding what was going on inside Bellamy's residence and did a swipe of the garbage at the residence. Subsequent testing at the Crime Lab determined that inside the garbage were Dixie cups that had residue of GHB (Rohypnol) also known as the Date Rape Drug.

Once inside the Bellamy's residence, officers located  David Kipp and Justin Shelby living inside the residence as well as Orlando Bellamy and Alexander Johnson.

During a search of the residence, officers located drug paraphernalia used for smoking Methamphetamine, bags containing Methamphetamine, two gram scales, pricing stickers, a log indicating drug sales, along with $900.00. They also located a cooker that had a white residue in it.

In a safe inside one of the bedrooms, officers also located numerous pills and unmarked prescription bottles.