Meet Blue, the newest rookie police officer being trained in Appleton: "Going to make a big impact"

APPLETON -- There's a new addition at the Appleton Police Department -- an adorable and fluffy puppy named Blue -- and he's training for a very important job!

According to WLUK, Blue is the newest rookie officer in Appleton. His main duty is lifting the spirits of everyone in the Appleton Police Department.

Chief Todd Thomas got Blue, a 12-week-old golden doodle, to be a therapy dog for the department's employees, who often deal with stressful situations.

"Wandering the station, checking in with people. We know how we all feel when a puppy or a dog walks into the room. Our temperament changes," Appleton Police Chief Todd Thomas told WLUK.

"It's easy to be swept up in work, and trying to fix the city's problems, but once the dog walked into the office, it was like a light switched, and you just want to get on the ground and play with him," Matt Fillebrown, Appleton Police Department's lead CSO and humane officer said.

But before Blue can get down to business, he needs to be professionally trained.

"Right now he's a rookie officer. He's a puppy. He's gotta go through his classes, and he's gotta be certified just like a new police officer, and once he's certified, he's going to be able to come to work," Chief Thomas said.

On Wednesday, June 21st, Blue attended his first class at the Fox Valley Humane Association. It was the first of many classes he'll need to get his vest and badges.

"We do a lot of 'sit, down, stay.' You have to be very in tune with your owner," Amy Christensen with the Fox Valley Humane Association said.

Once Blue is ready, he can also help members of the community.

"We'll be able to use him for going to schools, reading to kids, visiting hospitals. If we have a traumatic incident, or some child victims, we can bring him in to help them," Chief Thomas said.

Blue will bring joy and comfort to those who really need it.

"I think it's going to make a big impact," Chief Thomas said.

There is no cost to the city of Appleton for the purchase and care of Blue. Chief Thomas and his family have it covered.