Medical Examiner's Office issues reports on two infants found dead this weekend

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office has identified two infants who died this past weekend.

Deondre Shackelford of Milwaukee -- three months and 22 days old, was found dead near 14th and W. Becher Street on Saturday, June 13th.

Shackelford was found dead in the bassinet portion of his Pack 'n Play.

The Medical Examiner's Office indicates a paramedic called to report Shackelford's death around 5:00 p.m. Saturday.

The baby's mother told officials she had placed him on his back in his Pack 'n Play for sleep, and she found him on his back -- unresponsive.

The Medical Examiner's report on Shackelford's death indicates the preliminary manner of death to be natural. No trauma was found.

The cause of death is pending further testing.

Abas Jama -- one month and 15 days old, was pronounced dead early Sunday morning, June 14th around 4:00 a.m. at a home on N. 34th Street in Milwaukee.

The Medical Examiner's report on Jama's death indicates the preliminary manner of death to be undetermined.

The report indicates Jama had a "significant medical history" and required constant oxygen care. When Milwaukee Fire Department first responders arrived at the home, Jama was not properly attached to the oxygen machine.

Jamas was found dead in a "bouncy seat" in the living room of the home.

An oxygen machine was near the baby, but the hose attached to the baby had not been plugged in to the machine, according to the report.

The report indicates Jamas had been hospitalized since birth, and he had returned home to his mother for the first time on June 12th.

An autopsy was not performed.