Medical Examiner reports 101 heroin deaths in Milwaukee County so far in 2016

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- It is a shocking statistic from the Medical Examiner's Office: 101 heroin-related deaths this year in Milwaukee County -- and it is only October.

The medical examiner's office released the information on Friday, October 28th.

Last year, Milwaukee County had a total of 110 heroin deaths.

In August 2016, FOX6 News shared a story on the severity of heroin and painkiller abuse in Milwaukee County, after nine probable overdose deaths within a six-day period.

Officials with the Milwaukee Health Department say this is really a silent epidemic when it comes to public perception. That is because we tend to focus on acute issues like Ebola or Zika. But overdoses are sweeping the country — and happening right here in Milwaukee.

There is help out there for those struggling with addiction.

You can call the IMPACT call center by dialing 211. There, substance abuse experts take calls every day.

When you call 211, there will be a screening with questions about the individual’s situation. IMPACT will then refer the caller to matching resources, regardless of whether they have insurance. The line is open 24/7.

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