Medical College students give back to the community with homemade PPE

MILWAUKEE -- Students at the Medical College of Wisconsin are giving back to the community during the pandemic -- even though they are unable to work directly with patients.

"It's really been incredible what we've been able to do," said medical student Luis Paniagua.

They're doing everything they can to give back.

"Looking for a way to still be able to participate even if we can't work with patients directly," said Paniagua.

Some students are creating homemade personal protective equipment with materials donated by the community. Specifically -- masks.    

Luis Paniagua

"Taking the material, getting it cut up and ready so that we can bring it out to the folks who are actually doing the sewing," said Paniagua.

The group started making masks mid-March, and have since made roughly 800.

Natasha Simske

Another effort -- a pen pal program between medical students and veterans. The program offers conversations between the pairs for veterans who might not have contact with others during the "Safer at Home" order.

"I think it's great to just have somebody else to chat with who might understand how weird this time maybe," medical student, Natasha Simske said.

Giving back is the reason these students say they got into the medical field in the first place.

Brittany Fickau

"It makes me that much eager to get onto the wards and to help the community, help take care of the community knowing they care so much about us," medical student Brittany Fickau said.

if you'd like to take part in any of these programs, check their website.