McDonald's China releasing Oreo, Spam burger for limited time

((Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images))

Here’s a mash-up nobody asked for.

McDonald’s will be releasing a Spam burger topped with Oreos in China next week. 

The fast food chain announced the limited-time menu item on Chinese social media platform Weibo earlier this week. 

On Friday, video game analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted pictures of the "Oreo x Spam" burger, which shows a layer of crumbled Oreos on top of two slices of Spam. 

According to Ahmad’s tweet, McDonald’s is making only 400,000 of the unique burgers. 

"Look, I saw this so you have to see it too," Ahmad wrote on Twitter. "Sorry, that’s how it works."

Twitter users did not have high hopes for the sandwich.

"Mixing Sweets & meat? Eugh...gross…" one person wrote. "This is just destined to fail."

Someone else commented: "How the hell does an oreo work in a burger?? disgusting"

Another Twitter user suggested the combination isn’t too different from KFC’s Fried Chicken and Donut sandwich, which was released for a limited time earlier this year.

There’s no telling if McDonald’s will bring the unique mash-up to the U.S. However, the chain did bring back its McRib sandwich to menus nationwide earlier this month

The sandwich has been sold at select locations over the years, but this is the first nationwide release since 2012. The McRib is also only available for a limited time.

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