McDelivery: McDonald's teams up with UberEATS to deliver food to Milwaukee customers

MILWAUKEE -- "McDelivery" launched in Milwaukee Monday, June 26th, and you can now have your McDonald's favorites delivered to your door!

McDonald's is now offering delivery via UberEATS in Milwaukee. Whether you're at home, the office, or in between, you can now enjoy your favorite burgers and fries delivered right to you -- wherever you are.

Here's how it works:

First, you need to download the UberEATS App -- available for Apple and Android.

Then, select the food you crave from a selection of McDonald's menu items.

You pay for your goodies with your Uber account, and your total will include the delivery price and a booking fee. You can track your order via the app.

Soon, your food will arrive!

"People have been searching the UberEATS app globally and in here in Wisconsin for McDonald's on an almost daily basis, so we know that this is a choice that people really want, and as we try to be UberEATS for anyone, anywhere, at any time, McDonald's is a great choice people are excited about," Peter Forsberg, UberEATS Wisconsin said.

There's a special offer available for those new to UberEATS. Use the code FRIES4U in your app for $5 off your first two UberEATS orders!

CLICK HERE to learn more about McDelivery, and see if it's available where you are.