Mayor to issue proclamation banning dancing in Neenah -- but it's not what you think!

NEENAH (WITI) -- Neenah Mayor Dean Kaufert has been in office for only a few months, but he is already raising eyebrows. Signs advertise the mayor's latest move: banning dancing.

The signs can be seen all over Neenah: on lawns, at gas stations and at local businesses.

"I don't know what it's all about.  They've been there for about a week and I didn't know what it was!" Wayne Malchow said.

"Neenah bans dancing?!  No, Neenah's pretty progressive, right?" Seamus Wedge said.

"I have no idea what's going on.  I heard it's coming from the mayor?" Lexie Zehner said.

Indeed it is.

"We know the evils and the hazards of young people and dancing," Neenah Mayor Dean Kaufert said.

Mayor Kaufert says he plans to issue a proclamation Wednesday, October 8th banning all dancing in Neenah. That proclamation will go directly to the cast of the upcoming high school musical: Footloose.

The musical is set in a small town with a dancing ban.

"I don't think it's far to make us not be able to express ourselves in this art form," Zehner, a senior at Neenah High School said.

"One of the parents came up with the idea to try and create a buzz," Mayor Kaufert said.

Mayor Kaufert says the signs and the proclamation are simply a cheeky way of marketing Footloose for the high school.

"If this creates a buzz and creates interest in it and puts more people in the seats, it's gonna be well worth it," Mayor Kaufert said.

Kaufert says if enough people attend the play...

"We will consider lifting the ban and allowing dancing back in Neenah," Mayor Kaufert said.

"If people are getting concerned, maybe they should find out why.  Our show opens October 16th.  We'd love to have them come and find out!" Footloose Director Karyl Schnyder said.

The actors say they are hoping to see these seats filled.

"It's just so rewarding to put on this show.  It has such a great message as well, so it's definitely worth coming to see," Zehner said.