Mayor Barrett, Gwen Moore campaign for Obama, stress Voter ID

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Congresswoman Gwen Moore were campaining for President Barack Obama this weekend in the Milwaukee-area.

They used the door-to-door campaigning opportunity to spread awareness about the new Voter ID Law. The law took effect for the first time during the recent primary election, but the presidential primary on April 3rd in Wisconsin will be the law's first big test.

"There is a coordinated effort throughout the country to pass laws similar to this law. This is orchestrated. Our job is to do what we can, to make sure this is a democracy, where people can vote," Mayor Barrett said.

Canvassers went into neighborhoods to make sure people have valid voter IDs, and if not, make sure they're aware of how to acquire one.

CLICK HERE for information and resources from Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board regarding the new Voter ID Law.