MATC stabbing suspect has history of domestic violence

MILWAUKEE -- More details are surfacing on the man suspected of stabbing a woman at MATC's downtown Milwaukee campus. Documents show that there were warning signs in this man's past. We're not naming him, because he has yet to be charged with a crime.

Recent court documents illustrate a different man than his former MATC classmates remember. In March his ex-girlfriend and alleged stabbing victim filed a restraining order against him. She explained to the court how he would threaten, harass and physically abuse her. The 24-year-old suspect violated the order four days after its filing, and was arrested for sexually assaulting a different woman not long after that.

Milwaukee police say the 24-year-old male suspect had likely attacked the 24-year-old female victim over a domestic dispute. Former classmate Sara Aguado tells FOX6 that doesn't sound like the guy she remembers. "He did a lot of stuff with student government. He helped a lot of people. He was very active in the student body. He was always on campus, always involved in something."

The 24-year-old suspect was so involved that Aguado wrote a feature article on how he had turned his life around in the school newspaper. She wrote about the man's difficult childhood, his bipolar schizophrenic mother, the absence of his father, and struggle with the foster care system. The suspect told her of his teen years spent in a gang, and how he chose a different path at the age of 19. Aguado says, "I wouldn't have even approached to do the article if I didn't feel that he was a positive influence on the student body."

The suspect is currently being held on attempted homicide related to domestic violence. There is no indication of when the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office will issue charges. The female victim did survive the stabbing, and is in critical condition.