Master Lock workers energized by presidential visit

MILWAUKEE -- President Obama's visit to Master Lock in Milwaukee was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of the workers at the company.

Hundreds of Master Lock workers got the chance to see and hear the president in person Wednesday. The company was singled out as setting an example for the country by putting people back to work here in America, "insourcing" jobs to Milwaukee from China. "We're going to create more success stories like Master Lock, and we will remind everyone in the world why the United States is the greatest nation on earth," Obama said Wednesday.

President Obama's words seemed to energize the workers at the lock-making plant. It was also music to the ears of interim MATC Dean Dorothy Walker.

"With a bill that hopefully will pass that you'll be able to use those dollars to train people and get  them ready for the jobs at Master Lock and other companies creating manufacturing," Walker said.

One Master Lock employee said having the government backing the company up is important. "We have a great union here, and we work really well with the company, and the sky's the limit as long as we have the backing from the government," Master Lock worker Sarah Trapp said.

The man who introduced the president was DiAndre Jackson. He lives near Master Lock. He told his co-workers he's excited his company is bringing jobs back to central city neighborhoods. "Working side-by-side with men and women who no longer come to work to build locks, but who come to work to change the world," Jackson said.