Marquis Chapman of Shorewood pleads not guilty to drug charges

SHOREWOOD (WITI) -- 28-year-old Marquis Chapman of Shorewood -- the man at the center of a standoff in the city earlier this summer was in court Monday, July 29th on unrelated drug charges. Chapman faces five charges, and is accused of manufacturing and distributing heroin and cocaine.

In court on Monday, Chapman pleaded not guilty.

Chapman is the Shorewood man who prompted a tactical situation on July 11th, when 10 outside agencies responded to a 911 call about a possible domestic violence in an apartment complex located in the 3500 block of Oakland Ave. in Shorewood.

Upon arrival, no one answered the door or telephone. Officers attempted to persuade the individuals to come out, eventually requesting the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s SWAT Team to assist with entry into the apartment.

Three hours later, the pair eventually emerged and the situation ended peacefully after a man called police and asked what he should do to resolve the situation. Police told him to come out of his apartment with his hands up, which he did.

Both Chapman and his girlfriend were taken into custody.

“I didn`t answer because I didn`t call. They didn`t have a search warrant. I laid down — me and my girlfriend for a few hours. I wake up and the SWAT Team, bomb dogs and robots by my door,” Chapman told FOX6 News at the time.

Chapman now faces the following charges:

    A 21-year-old Shorewood woman who lives with Chapman faces one charge: possession of narcotic drugs.

    A criminal complaint in the case says a West Allis police officer assigned to the Milwaukee Metropolitan Drug Enforcement Group set up a drug buy with a confidential informant in Shorewood back in April.

    The complaint says Chapman met the confidential informant, and asked that individual to drop him off at court, where he paid outstanding tickets.

    Then, the complaint says the two drove to a predetermined location, and the confidential informant was able to purchase five tied-off baggie corner cuts of heroin.

    The complaint says Chapman told the informant how the informant could make a profit from heroin.

    According to the complaint, Chapman told the informant he was working to pay off citations to get his license back, and had recently purchased a car.

    Another drug buy was set up in early July, with the complaint indicating Chapman told the informant: "If you keep coming by, I'll hook you up."

    In that case, the white Cadillac Chapman was driving was registered to him.

    A third drug buy was set up for mid-July. The complaint says an informant was asked to get into a Jeep with Chapman, his girlfriend Sharon Allen, and some others -- at which time, the informant was again able to obtain heroin.

    The criminal complaint says a narcotics-related search warrant was executed at Chapman's Shorewood residence, during which the following was recovered: 2 large knives, $1,606 in cash, and ID bearing the name Marquis Chapman, 1 bag of suspected cocaine, 2 small corner-cut baggies of suspected heroin, ID bearing the name Sharon Allen, a black digital scale, paper identifiers belonging to Chapman and Allen, an unlabeled bill bottle containing oxycodone and roxicodone, an unlabeled pill bottle containing Vyvanse, and unlabeled pill bottle containing hydrocodone and acetaminophen and clonazepam.

    The complaint says Allen stated: "Those are mine." Allen told officials she got the pills from her mother for dental pain, according to the complaint.

    The complaint says Chapman had just made his initial court appearance on a misdemeanor battery and disorderly conduct case on July 17th, and the new accusations would be a violation of his bond.

    Chapman was ordered to have no contact with Allen, his girlfriend.