Marquette University, Roundy's make donations to OK victims

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Individuals and organizations are doing what they can to provide tornado relief for those in Oklahoma. This, after an EF-5 tornado struck Moore, Oklahoma on Monday afternoon, May 20th.

Roundy's on Wednesday packed up a semi-truck load of water to send to those in Oklahoma.

The donation consists of 18 pallets of water, which adds up to 840 cases.

Roundy's says this is just the start of what they plan to do to help. They will soon have a program that will allow customers to add a dollar to a bill. That donation will go to tornado relief in Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, at Marquette University on Wednesday, totes were being shipped out, filled with stuffed bears, books and blankets. The totes will be send to Oklahoma, where they will be given to children who are now homeless.

The group sending them is involved in "Project Night Night," a national organization that helps children in the event of disasters.