Marquette 'Lost in the Law' game highlights judicial inequities

From an in-person exercise for Marquette University Law School students to an online experiential adventure for anyone, "Lost in the Law" is a game designed to show challenges lower-income Wisconsinites could face while navigating the court system. 

"I think it's a useful activity for boards of directors, or volunteers or anyone who has any kind of curiosity about, what does it mean to navigate the civil legal system without representation?" said Angela Schultz, MU Law School.

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"Lost in the Law" is an experiential learning activity developed at Marquette University Law School, showing the many challenges facing lower-income Wisconsinites navigating the civil court system.

"All of the characters were based on people we have served in our legal clinics," said Schultz.

"Lost in the Law" started as an in-person, role-playing game.

"You would set up a physical room," said Schultz. "You would lay out different stations."

But with help from the university’s Digital Scholarship Lab, it has gone online. Its purpose is to raise awareness about issues the underrepresented can face in the legal system.

"You can choose one of six characters at this point of the game," said Schultz. "Then you read a little bit about their story, and you're offered, usually, two or three choices on how you want to proceed."

With the move to digital, "Lost in the Law" has become a more accessible resource.

"I hope this game can be interacted with, played and looked at by people all across the state," said Schultz.


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