Marquette graduate lands role of Harvey Dent on FOX's 'Gotham'

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The seedy criminals and idealistic heroes of FOX's Gotham now have a new character to contend with.  During the episode airing Monday night, November 17th, viewers will be introduced to Harvey Dent, the man who becomes the villainous Two-Face.

The actor cast as Dent is Nick D'Agosto, a 2002 graduate of Marquette University.

"I spend time in Milwaukee probably twice a year. My fiancee is from outside of Green Bay," D'Agosto tells FOX6 News.

D'Agosto graduated with degrees in history and theater. While enrolled at Marquette, he won lead roles in student productions.

"That was our fraternity-slash-sorority.  That was our, you know, insulated crew. I probably did four or five plays a year while I was there," said D'Agosto.

D'Agosto says winning the role of Dent was a whirlwind. He initially went to a casting for the show The Walking Dead, and the same agents were casting for Gotham. He was encouraged to audition for Dent, won the role, and started shooting on set in New York in a span of ten days.  D'Agosto is also known for his roles on Grey's Anatomy and Masters of Sex.

"There's an army of really great performers carrying the show, and that's a great feeling to be involved in an ensemble like that," said D'Agosto.

You can see D'Agosto on Gotham Monday night, November 17th at 7:00 p.m. on FOX6!