Marine who lost both arms and both legs goes skydiving

RACINE COUNTY -- It's on the bucket list for a lot of people to go skydiving, but actually doing it was even tougher for a wounded Marine. However, he was able to do it, with a little bit of help.

John Peck lost both arms and both legs as a Marine, but he still has life, and his determination. Monday, May 21st, he used that determination to fulfill his dream of skydiving.

"There`s nothing I can`t do.  I`ve already been to two wars.  Why not finish out doing something ridiculous?" Peck said.

The southern Wisconsin chapter of the 82nd Airborne Division had already raised $30,000 for Peck. When Skydive Midwest heard his story, it brought him to Sylvania Airport in Racine County.

It took a special harness to safely send Peck on this mission. The Marine's mom had no doubts her son would get it done. "He'll be fine. If he can make it through what he's made it through so far, he can make it through this easy," Peck's mom said.

Peck landed safely, although it wasn't easy for him to explain how he did it. "I'm speechless. I don't even know what to say. It was just a blast being able to do it. I was a little nervous at first," Peck said.

The Skydive Midwest gave Peck the opportunity out of gratitude, but after the ride, it was the humble Marine that gave thanks. "Very thankful and grateful for everyone that came together and put this together and showed their support," Peck said.

Peck says he's already looking for another challenge. Steve Boothey, the skydiver Peck was with, says he's done more than 3,000 tandem jumps.