Marina Dimitrijevic to step down as chairperson for the Milwaukee County Board

MILWAUKEE COUNTY -- Marina Dimitrijevic will soon be stepping down as the chairperson for the Milwaukee County Board.

According to a memo filed on Friday, July 24th, a special election for Board Chair has been scheduled for Thursday, July 30th. Dimitrijevic has indicated in that memo that she will "continue to serve as Chairwoman of the Board until a successor is elected by a majority vote." Dimitrijevic said, "I will not be on the ballot."

Dimitrijevic also said the following in a separate letter to her colleagues on the County Board:

"I have grown up in county government. I have served with many of you since I was elected as a 22-year-old young lady, fresh out of college from Bay View. Thank you for your early support, your true friendship over the years, and for believing in me as your Chairwoman. This experience has changed me more than you will ever know. I will continue to be a strong voice for the Southside of Milwaukee and working families in our county who deserve better."