March snow makes for slick driving conditions

MILWAUKEE -- The March snow storm driving through the Midwest is making for some slick and wet driving conditions.

The snow hit during the heart of the evening rush hour on Friday. It slowed traffic down a bit -- but drivers appeared to take it in stride.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office has been busy with slide offs and minor crashes, but nothing major.  The Washington County Highway Commissioner, Jon Edgren, says they had about 24 salt trucks out on the roads to try and get ahead of the storm, but that they would cut back to about 12 around 11 p.m. when there were fewer cars on the roads.  The good news according to Edgren, is the temperatures are still warm enough for salt to do it's job.  "It keeps it down from the amount of ice, black ice on the road. People see the snow coming down like this, they know to drive a little slower, take precautions."

A tow truck driver actually pulled over and begged our Fox 6 crew in West Bend to ask drivers to slow down and watch out for the tow trucks and cars that are stranded alongside the road.  He said drivers are getting too close and going too fast.