Many head to lakefront to view large waves despite warnings to stay away

MILWAUKEE -- Despite warnings to stay away, some couldn't resist going to Lake Michigan Tuesday, October 30th to catch a glimpse of the large waves created by Hurricane Sandy. The height of the waves smashing up against the southeast Wisconsin lakefront is something most have never seen before.

Amateur photographer Ann Bergstrom came to the lakefront to capture the show along the lakefront Tuesday afternoon.

"This is way awesome. I like taking pictures, and it's a good thing to come out here and have fun," Bergstrom said.

Many said they're sorry for those experiencing devastation on the east coast, but seeing Mother Nature's fury up close isn't something they could pass up.

Meanwhile, Milwaukee County Parks rangers continuously monitored the situation for safety.

Manhattan resident Heather Parsons came to Milwaukee for a quick visit, and ended up getting stuck here due to Sandy.

"We just moved to New York, and we came to town to visit family on Friday. We were supposed to fly back on Monday, and clearly we're not heading back to New York so we're down here watching the waves," Parsons said.

Artist Laura Priebe plans to use what she saw at the lakefront Tuesday in her next creation.

"To look at the different types of water and the way that it moves -- this is one of the most turbulent moments I've had here on Lake Michigan. It's so exciting. I wish I could record the sound, and the color," Priebe said.

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