Man's wife and baby die from carbon monoxide poisoning inside car

A father and husband is devastated. His wife and their 10-month-old son were found dead inside the parking garage at the Detroit Medical Center.

Police believe they died from carbon monoxide poisoning while waiting for a loved one who was undergoing a medical procedure.

"Like our first conversation - it was real natural and real familiar," said DeMarray Canty.

Working at the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office in the early days of the pandemic, DeMarray and Kellye had a whirlwind romance. They had a small wedding in April 2021, and soon after, a beautiful baby boy they named Kanan.

"I just remember trying to be the best husband, fiance, partner,  whatever I could be, especially during the pregnancy and stuff, so," said Canty.

A happy little family - with so much to look forward to.

"It was perfect to be feeling of coming home to my family, it was kinda like magical," he said.

But on March 23rd, DeMarray’s world fell apart. The day started out routine. Kellye, along with the baby, took her mother to a doctor's appointment at Harper Hospital.

She parked in the parking structure and waited, but Kellye never came to get her mom after the appointment.

"I ended up calling her, she didn’t answer - so I called her sister back to see if she had talked to her," he said. "I asked did she have her location?"

The young father tracked down the car in the structure. Kellye and Kanan were inside with the doors locked.


"I just banged on the window calling her name - she wasn’t responding," he said.

Eventually with help from others — DeMarray was able to break a window.

"I got him out of the car seat and I held him and put him to my face," he said. "I always put his face to my face - but his face was cold," he said. "And I’m trying to wake him up."

Medics and doctors did everything they could, but it was too late - Kellye and Kanan were gone.

Investigators believe their deaths were accidental with carbon monoxide believed to be the cause.

"Eventually my mom had come in and she went in with her grandson and did what she usually do ... to try to wake him up, but he didn’t wake up," he said.

While DeMarray tries to figure how he will live without his family. Inside their Detroit home, there are constant reminders of their life together.

"All his toys, his sound machine comes on at 10 o'clock,  I still turn on his baby monitor," he said.

Mother and son will be laid to rest on Friday. If you would like to help financially - GO HERE for their GoFundMe page.

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