Man's family blames his death on nurses at Mental Health Complex

MILWAUKEE -- A 25-year-old Milwaukee man was admitted to the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex and three days later, he died. Now, the man's family says they believe his death was caused by nurses at the Complex.

Brandon Johnson was the first of his five brothers to graduate from college in 2009. Since then, he had struggled to find a job. His family believes that may have led to a mental breakdown last Wednesday -- landing Johnson in the County's Mental Health Complex.

"He had huge dreams. He was very physically fit. He didn't have any health issues. He didn't abuse drugs and his mom was just trying to get him in there to get a little help -- to see what was going on in his head," Johnson's aunt Kamesha Johnson-Lewis said.

Saturday morning -- just days after he was admitted, Johnson was found dead.

Johnson's family told FOX6 News Johnson had reported he lost feeling in his legs on Thursday, but was denied medical help.

"He was neglected. He was crying out for help and for the nurse to say 'I didn't believe him -- that's just what they do around here' -- that's not following proper procedures," Johnson-Lewis said.

After speaking with Milwaukee County's Medical Examiner, Johnson's aunt says Johnson suffered injuries to his neck and back leading to blood clots in his legs. Those blood clots reportedly made their way to Johnson's lungs -- leading to his death.

"They killed my son," Johnson's mother, Alesha Johnson said.

Johnson is the fifth patient to pass away at the Mental Health Complex this year.

"There is something wrong with that. It definitely needs to be investigated," Johnson-Lewis said.

Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Administrator Paula Lucey issued the following statement to FOX6 News: "The Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division takes the health and safety of all of our patients very seriously. Like we do in all deaths, we are working with the proper authorities to make sure this incident is fully investigated."

While Johnson's family says the Medical Examiner had determined blood clots to be the cause of Johnson's death, they had not determined the manner of his death. Johnson's family says the Medical Examiner's Office had not ruled out homicide.