Manpower Group issues optimistic job outlook for 2013

MILWAUKEE -- Manpower Group surveyed 18,000 employers nationwide and asked whether they plan to hire or lay off workers in 2013. The survey found the 2013 job outlook is looking optimistic -- with 17% of companies across the U.S. saying they plan to hire next quarter.

For companies in Milwaukee, the number of those who plan to hire is higher than the national trend -- at 19%. 

Manpower says with the recession, two presidential elections, two wars and legislation passed like the Affordable Care Act, employer confidence isn't great enough yet to ramp up big hiring plans, and there's still a feeling of economic uncertainty among many employers.

Manpower surveyed 18,000 employers nationwide and found 17% plan to add jobs, 8% plan to cut, 72% anticipate no changes and 3% are undecided. One Manpower representative told FOX6 News it's the best first quarter outlook they've seen in five years.

Wholesale and retail trades are the top industries hiring, along with leisure and hospitality, professional and business services and information.

Industries like manufacturing and construction are not on the list.

Quentin Collins is one of many looking for work. 

"Times seem turbulent but I put on a smile and have that hope every day. I'll be a manager hopefully one day -- start my way from the bottom and work my way up. I'm just looking to get the shot," Collins said.

Collins says he's open to anything as far as what he'd like to do, but he has a few ideas.

"I'm a customer-oriented person, so I like to meet and greet people. I'm a problem solver," Collins said.

Collins said he is optimistic 2013 will be a comeback year for employers.

Manpower says the last 15 quarters have either been stable or have involved additional hiring for businesses nationwide. 

Wisconsin is in the middle of the pack of best places to find work in 2013.

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