Manitowoc company constructs tallest flagpole in America

MANITOWOC (WLUK) -- A Manitowoc manufacturing plant has a pretty tall order to fill. It's workers are constructing what will soon be the tallest flagpole in the United States.

Broadwind Towers and Heavy Industries has been commissioned to build a 400-foot tall flagpole for Acuity Insurance in Sheboygan County.

Acuity has tried three times to raise massive flagpoles, but each time the wind blew them over. The new flagpole will have electronics inside of it to determine if it's too windy to fly a flag. If there's too much sway in the flagpole, crews will recover the flag.

The flagpole will feature six sections -- the longest will be 70 feet. All of the parts should be complete by the end of April.