Man with history of mental illness is in violation of federal parole, now wanted by U.S. Marshals

MILWAUKEE-- An outlaw known for drug dealing, gun possession and mental illness may be hiding in a Milwaukee neighborhood.

EC Banks, 36, is wanted for violating his federal parole.

“He was originally sentenced to 7 years for felony possession of a firearm,” the agent investigating his case said.

Agents say he's failed and missed mandatory drug tests, he was uncooperative in 2016 and finally stopped checking in.

But what's most concerning is that Banks struggles with mental illness. He’s also failed to check into mandatory counseling and behavioral treatment.

"When he's not getting help he's using drugs; he can get violent with family," the agent said. "He's had a couple of misdemeanor assaults I believe."

Here’s a description of Banks:

    Agents believe he is taking shelter with family who live in various Milwaukee neighborhoods. They are well aware he is wanted by authorities.

    "Someone who has drug issues and mental health issues are very unpredictable,” the agent says. “He attacks his own family members, someone on the street or a stranger, why would he care if he hurts them even more.”

    Tips can be sent to 414-297-3707.