Man with chainsaw leads police to growing operation

SHEBOYGAN (WITI) -- On Wednesday night, August 21st, Sheboygan police responded to a home for a call of a man threatening a woman with a chainsaw, but that was just the beginning of a list of charges for everyone involved.

"Dispatch advised the officers that there was a man wielding a chainsaw at that residence and there was blood," said Assistant District Attorney Samantha Prahl. "What they see when they get there is Gerald, who is bloody."

According to a criminal complaint, the incident began as a fight between Gerald Andrews and Christopher Netzer, but grew to involved Andrews' wife, Jessica, as well.

Jessica Andrews tells officers that the argument began over the dog urinating on the floor.

"There's two sides to the story. Gerald says that he comes home to find his wife, Jessica, with Christopher - but the three of them, to my understanding, have a consensual threesome that has been going on for some time," explained Prahl.

The criminal complaint says Jessica and Netzer barricaded themselves in a bedroom when they heard Gerald start a chainsaw. Shortly after, police arrived.

"Given that there's a chainsaw involved here, they don't know who's in the house. There's blood everywhere. As they do so, one of the officers is going down into the basement and sees a room with the door closed with a fan going, thinking there could be somebody hiding in there," said Prahl.

Officers did not find anyone else in the house, but they did find something quite unexpected -- what officials are calling a medium-sized marijuana growing operation.

"It's 16 marijuana plants that are about five feet tall," said Prahl.

All three individuals involved are facing felony and misdemeanor charges. Gerald Andrews remains behind bars while Jessica Andrews and Christopher Netzer have been released on bond.

Those involved are under a no contact order.

The District Attorney's Office says the grow operation appears to be for personal use by those charged.