Man with ALS given the gift of mobility, thanks to company in New Berlin: "I feel really blessed"

NEW BERLIN -- A man diagnosed with ALS is getting a helping hand this Christmas. He's been given the gift of mobility, thanks to a company in New Berlin.

He now moves with ease throughout his home, so you'd never know Frank McRae is dealing with a life-altering disease.

Frank McRae

"I was diagnosed with ALS just a year ago. A week before Christmas last year," McRae said.

McRae uses a walker to stay active.

"They stress mostly quality of life -- such as being able to be mobile with a walker," McRae said.

But McRae's towering height makes using an ordinary walker uncomfortable.

"Even at their full extension, I still have to bend over quite a bit," McRae said.

Motivo Tour

McRae has been given a new device, called the Motivo Tour.

"I'm looking forward to this new device," McRae said.

"We're ecstatic to be able to help upgrade Frank's ride," Jeremy Knopow said.

Jeremy Knopow

The Motivo Tour's creators, Jeremy Knopow and Jennifer Harris worked with the ALS Association Wisconsin chapter to give McRae this gift.

"I just feel really blessed that people would think of me," McRae said.

Knopow and Harris said they designed the new walker after experiences with their own loved ones.

Jennifer Harris

"My father passed away from ALS and it always had a place close to my heart," Knopow said.

"Moving from your kitchen to the living room with a plate of food and a glass of water was something my mother was challenged with. I saw a real need in that space for improvement," Harris said.

"The Tour is a complete reinvention of a walker," Knopow said.

Knopow and Harris said the big difference with the Motivo Tour is users step directly into it. That means they can stand upright.

Motivo Tour

"This is like, one of the best things in the world because my height and reach, it's just easier. I can get to the cabinet easier. I'm looking forward to playing with this. It's special to me that I'm able to be a recipient of such a fabulous machine," McRae said.

The Motivo Tour is made in New Berlin and costs about $750.

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