Man will face charge for impersonating police officer

GREENFIELD -- A Milwaukee man will face a charge of impersonating a police officer after police say he tried to pull another driver over along Forest Home Avenue near 56th Street in Greenfield Monday.

On Monday afternoon, an innocent driver passed what looked like an old squad car. Cell phone video taken from the scene by a Greenfield police officer shows two people in the vehicle, laughing, with flashing lights.

As it turns out, that innocent driver was a Greenfield police detective in an unmarked vehicle, who decided to pull the two over. The driver is a 34-year-old Milwaukee man. FOX6 stopped by his home on Wednesday and he wasn't home, but his car was. The car is equipped with flashing lights and a license plate that reads "FUZZ." The car was made to look like a decepticon police car from the movie Transformers. On the side of the car are the words "to punish and enslave."

Greenfield police say impersonating a police officer is a very real crime. "The detective honestly felt they were trying to pull him over. Until he saw them laughing, he thought they were trying to perform a traffic stop on him. The subject said he was not trying to stop him, and not trying to impersonate a police officer - just having a little fun," Greenfield Police Capt. Jay Johnson said.