Man who was Milwaukee County's 1st COVID case part of MU long haul study

There are still a lot of unknowns about how COVID-19 affects you in the long-term. Marquette University is studying just that. 

We've heard stories of coronavirus long-haulers -- people who still have symptoms months after having COVID-19. At the Athletic and Human Performance Research Center, they are working to turn those stories into quantified data.

Ken McNulty

Ken McNulty says he was the first confirmed COVID-19 case in Milwaukee County. One year later, he's testing to see if there are lasting effects on how his body moves. 

"I don’t feel them, but maybe there are physiological effects that I don’t know about," said McNulty.

McNulty is part of a study at Marquette University aimed at putting numbers behind what people are feeling. 

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"I said to some of my colleagues, 'Wow, we know nothing about this COVID-19,'" said Sandra Hunter, professor. "We know that that the lungs are affected. We know that people are starting to feel fatigued, but we don’t know anything about the long-lasting effects."

Hunter said all the tests could help measure COVID-19's impact. 

"Nobody’s quanitifed that yet that we know of, so we’re getting them to do leg exercise where we do a couple minutes of muscle fatigue testing, and we can quantify that and see if it is all associated with the levels of fatigue that they feel," said Hunter.

Each exhale is a breath closer to answers. 

"There’s still so much to do, but I think any testing like this is going to be impactful because if it affects people’s daily lives, then we can prepared for how to rehabilitate people in the future," said Hunter.

They are looking for more people to take part in the study. If you would like to do so, you're invited to send an email to or call 414-288-2110.


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