Man who struck 5 cars, held man and baby hostage in West Allis, facing multiple charges

WEST ALLIS/MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee man who crashed into five parked vehicles in the area near 59th and Lapham, then held a man and baby hostage Tuesday evening, July 12th, has been charged.

Reynaldo Velazquez

According to a criminal complaint, 29-year-old Reynaldo Velazquez is facing the following charges:

    West Allis police say alcohol was a factor in an incident involving a driver who crashed into five parked vehicles Tuesday evening in the area near 59th and Lapham.

    It happened around 6:15 p.m.

    Police say a vehicle, described as a Mercedes by neighbors, driven by Velazquez, crashed into the five parked vehicles -- causing extensive damage to four of the five vehicles.

    Velazquez fled the scene on foot -- eventually entering a home near 59th and Mitchell.


    Once inside, police say Velazquez held a man and baby in the home that they couldn't leave -- and they were not to call police.

    "Would not let me leave at all," the man held hostage told FOX6 News.

    According to a criminal complaint, Velazquez tipped over a Pack 'n Play. The man's 10-month-old baby started to cry.

    "Picked up my son for a few moments and held him when he was crying like he was going to keep him from me," the man said.

    The victim got his son back, as police surrounded the home. Velazquez called friends to pick him up out back -- but the hostage drama kept on for an hour.

    "I talked to him, trying to reason with him. I wanted him out of my house," the victim said.

    The victim said it looked like police were getting ready to storm the home when Velazquez exited with his hands up.

    "When someone else has your child and you don't feel like you have control of the situation -- it's frightening," the victim said.

    Velazquez exited the home without incident, and was taken into custody.

    No one was hurt as a result of the crash or the incident at the home.