Man who foils suicide, shot by suicidal man

RACINE -- Racine police have charged a 50-year-old man with one count of first degree reckless endangerment, use of a dangerous weapon, one count of first degree reckless injury, use of a dangerous weapon, one count of felony theft - movable property (special facts) and one count of operating a motor vehicle without the owner's consent after police say the man's suicide attempt was foiled by his friend, whom he then shot.

Police say the incident occurred February 18th, 2012 in the 1200 block of Yout Street in Racine.

The criminal complaint in the case says 50-year-old Gregory Shackle told police he had been contemplating suicide for the last two years or so - ever since his life fell apart. On February 17th, Shackle was home alone and took out a rifle and began to contemplate suicide. He had previously written "goodbye" letters - one to his roommate, Nick Picazo, with whom he had been staying for three weeks because he had an incident with his ex-girlfriend in Kenosha.

The complaint says Picazo came home early from a date with his girlfriend after the two had an argument over Shackle staying with Picazo too long, and Picazo and Shackle got drunk for the remainder of the night.

Shackle told police that the next morning, he and Picazo hung out by first working out in the basement, then shooting squirrels with a pellet gun, then drinking a half bottle of vodka together. Shackle said he began to feel suicidal again, and took the rifle out of its case. Picazo asked Shackle what he was doing, and also questioned him about the suicide notes.

Shackle then apparently pointed the gun at Picazo and said he would kill him, at which time Picazo performed some type of karate kick. Shackle fell backwards, leveling the rifle in Picazo's direction, and the rifle went off, and Picazo dropped to the ground.

Shackle said at that point, he panicked because he thought he had killed his best friend, and he got into Picazo's Ford Explorer, loaded five more bullets into the gun, and was planning on heading to Phoenix where his ex-wife lives. Shackle said he only had $41, so he planned to rob some liquor stores on the way to Phoenix. However, he changed his mind, and decided to go to Slammer's Bar in Kenosha instead.

Police found Shackle at Slammer's Bar, and when interviewed by police, Shackle asked whether Wisconsin has the death penalty, and said he should have just shot himself right away so officers wouldn't have to deal with this.

Picazo suffered multiple wounds that had been stitched up on his left cheek area and left ear. He also told officers he could not see out of his left eye, and will never hear out of his left ear again.