Man steps in to break up brawl, now working to change neighborhood

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man surprised himself after stepping into the middle of a mob of fighting teens to help break up the fight. Michael Harris says if he didn't step in, he is afraid of what might have happened.

Surveillance video obtained by FOX6 News shows about a dozen teens kicking and punching two other young men after a short shouting match near 38th and W. Hampton Avenue on Friday August, 24th. 

The video shows Harris run over and help break up the fight.  No one was seriously hurt.

"Some of the people in the group who wanted to prove they were tough got into it. It takes accountability on the account of the young men who fed into the frenzy.  Everybody got blood on their hands," Harris said.

This is not the first time Harris has seen violence caught on camera. In April, as he drove a taxi, a man with a two-by-four attacked his cab without reason and was arrested.

After this latest violent incident, Harris has been inspired to make change on his block.  He hopes to create a community center in the coming weeks, and is asking other adults to help diffuse heated situations, or help mentor teens.

"I'm trying to get more help, to help me help them. I just want to fill the gap of the pain of the young black man," Harris said.

In a neighborhood full of boarded up homes, across the street from where the fight was recorded, Harris stands looking for responsible adults willing to intervene and mentor those who could use a hand. Harris' message of "actions speak louder than words" is building a reputation.

One person who is on board is Harris' friend Anthony Greenlee.

"We're taking initiative right now. When you guys leave, we're still here and if something go down, and there is no camera around, we're going to stand up and do what we need to do about it whether that is speak or take action," Greenlee said.