Man shot by police wants more consequences for officers; 'I had my hands up, so it's on them'

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man shot by police says he wants more consequences for the officers who shot him. This, after the district attorney ruled the use of force was justified.

Jerry Smith Jr. and his legal team stood on the steps of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Milwaukee on Thursday afternoon, Nov. 29. They demanded the U.S. Attorney look into this matter. They released new video they feel will help their case.

Smith survived three bullets -- shot by Milwaukee police in August 2017. Police said they believed Smith was reaching for a gun behind an air conditioning unit. But there was no gun.

"I feel good about it. At the same time, I never wanted to go through this. I didn't ask for this. They did this to me. I had my hands up, so it's on them," Smith said.

Officer-involved shooting (Aug. 31, 2017)

Officer-involved shooting (Aug. 31, 2017)

Smith said no charges for the officers involved is not good enough. They are now making their case outside the federal courthouse.

"This needed to come out and now the world is watching," said private investigator Daniel Storm.

Officer-involved shooting (Aug. 31, 2017)

Officer-involved shooting (Aug. 31, 2017)

Storm released new video of a fight just prior to the shooting where a woman is holding a large knife.

Daniel Storm

"This woman is one of the witnesses that tells police Jerry's got a gun," Storm said.

Smith's legal team said the woman and others reported to police that Smith had a gun. Storm said that claim was a distraction to get themselves out of trouble -- and ultimately led to police shooting Smith.

In reports provided by Storm, he claims that a witness reported seeing a plain-clothed officer kick that large knife down a sewer drain. The district attorney's decision letter filed in June makes no mention of a knife.

Jerry Smith Jr.

"It makes me sick to my stomach. They could have killed me that day. I try to stay away from it, but it's my life now. It's what I have to go through," Smith said.

Smith's legal team has not reached out to the U.S. Attorney. FOX6 News did -- and have not heard back. Milwaukee police have also not responded to our questions about the alleged knife cover up.