Man selling most prized possession for World Series tickets

MISSOURI (WITI) -- The start of the World Series is a day away, and one Kansas City Royals fan wants tickets so badly, he's willing to part with his most prized possession.

Jerod Main loves his 1965 Ford Mustang. But he also loves the Royals -- so he's putting his car up for sale in hopes of buying World Series tickets for his family of 6. He's asking $24,000 for the car.

"I can buy another car on down the road. But seeing the Royals in the World Series is once every 30 years, almost," said Main.

Tickets for a game in Kansas City have been starting at $450, and even then you will likely be standing for the game.

Main says if he gets enough for the car, he'll even consider going to a game in San Francisco.