Man punches deaf pregnant woman, service dog on flight to Orlando, police say

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A man punched a pregnant, deaf woman and her service dog on a flight from Colorado Springs to Orlando shortly after the plane landed, police in Florida said Friday, according to KRDO.

Matthew Silvay and Hazel Ramirez -- a deaf couple -- were traveling with their two kids and service dog on Frontier Airlines Flight 1752 to Orlando.

When the plane landed, passenger Timothy Manley punched Ramirez and her service dog, Orlando police told KRDO.

Manley felt Ramirez's Great Dane was taking up too much space. He punched it with a closed fist, causing the dog to yelp.

Silvay and Ramirez -- who is 20 weeks pregnant -- began yelling at Manley, who at some point allegedly punched Hazel in the stomach. KRDO reports that Manley also touched the deaf couple's children.

A flight attendant called police, who were at the gate by the time the plane had taxied to it.

The Orlando Sentinel reports Manley passed by police, but was tackled by Silvay and held down until officers arrived.

The Sentinel said all people involved declined medical treatment, but Ramirez is willing to testify in court.

The Orlando Police Department told the Sentinel the FBI is handling the investigation since the incident happened on a plane.