Man killed near 38th and Locust was member of Sikh Temple

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating a fatal shooting that occurred Wednesday night, August 15th at the Harmony Food Store near 38th and Locust.

Authorities say 56-year-old Dalbir Singh was fatally shot around 9 p.m. during what appears to be an attempted armed robbery. Singh was a member of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin in Oak Creek.

Police say they have not taken any suspects into custody.

FOX6 News spoke with Jatinder Singh -- the owner of the Harmony Food Store, who is also Singh's nephew. He told FOX6 News he and Singh were inside the store, locking the door for the night Wednesday when a man approached them with a gun.

Jatinder says the man held the gun to his head and made demands.

"He said 'go in, go inside.' I said 'okay,' Jatinder Singh said.

Jatinder Singh and his uncle followed the man's orders. Once they were inside the store, Jatinder Singh tried to push the man out and lock the door.

"Then, he shoot right away. I heard the pop," Jatinder Singh said.

The bullet hit Dalbir Singh, who was standing near the store's basement stairs. Dalbir Singh fell down the stairs and into the basement.

Jatinder Singh says at first, his uncle had a pulse, but later died at the scene. Jatinder Singh says he lost a father-figure.

"He's always with me. Where I go, he go with me," Singh said.

Shaher Assad used to work with Jatinder Singh and occasionally, his uncle at the original Harmony Food store on 25th and Becher. That store was damaged by fire in December.

"They're very gentle people, nice people. They're not any trouble. They don't argue with people or fight with people. They mind their own business," Assad said.

Jatinder Singh described his uncle as a man of faith who constantly prayed at the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek.

"We go every morning in temple around 8:30 to 9. Every Sunday go there -- whenever we had time, we spent time over at the temple," Jatinder Singh said.

Police say they do not believe this shooting had anything to do with the shooting at the Sikh Temple.

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