Man found shot dies in vacant lot on city's north side

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police are investigating after they say a victim was found shot in a vacant lot near 24th and Auer Ave. on the city's north side on Thursday morning, March 27th.

Police are still working to identify the victim. They say he died shortly after police arrived on scene.

Neighbors say they're concerned -- with one man even planning on leaving the neighborhood.

"I lived here 50 years ago when this was a decent neighborhood. As a neighborhood, we're supposed to stand together, not be divided," Kelly Powell said.

Powell on Thursday watched investigators look for clues in the empty lot where the victim was found with gunshot wounds.

"I thought it was a friend of mine, so I came to check," Powell said.

Powell's friend was safe, but a man was killed.

"The situation in this neighborhood has become unbearable for the residents of this area and it`s just a sad, sad thing," Powell said.

The violence in the area has forced Powell to consider moving.

"This is like living in a war zone. I wonder if any area is safe now because the times have changed. What are you going to do?" Powell said.

For now, he's taking precautions.

"I have an alarm on my house -- German Shepherds. I`m afraid. I`m considering the carry and conceal law so that I can protect myself and my family, my possessions, my life," Powell said.

In the meantime, he can only sit and watch the violence continue to affect his neighborhood.

"That`s bad. That`s a horrible, horrible realization. This is the environment you find yourself existing and living in," Powell said.

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