Man finds his cat hanging from tree with rope tied around its neck in Palmyra

JEFFERSON COUNTY -- Officials are looking for answers after a man found his cat hanging from a tree with a rope tied around its neck in the Town of Palmyra.

According to a Facebook post from Palmyra Public Safety, the man found his cat hanging from the tree on Tuesday morning, Oct. 16. When he cut the rope, the cat climbed the tree where it remained with the rope still tied around its neck.

Thankfully, a public safety officer at the scene, has previously worked as an animal control officer as well as with Humane Animal Welfare Society - HAWS of Waukesha. The public safety officer was able to get the cat down from the tree.

The rope around its neck was removed and the cat was returned to its owner.


Anyone with information on the cat being hung from the tree should contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 920-674-7310.