Man convicted after missing Tennessee girl found in Madison gets 11+ years in federal prison

MADISON -- Bryan Rogers, 32, of Madison was sentenced to serve 135 months (more than 11 years) in federal prison for transporting a minor from Tennessee to Wisconsin for an illegal sexual purpose, the United States Attorney's Office for the Western District of Wisconsin announced Monday, Sept. 16.

In addition to the prison term, Rogers received 15 years of supervised release.

He pleaded guilty on June 19.

According to prosecutors, Rogers came into contact with the minor in Tennessee through an online game.  She told him that she was being sexually assaulted by an adult on a daily basis.  Rogers persuaded the minor to make a video recording of an assault and send it to him, allegedly so he could provide evidence to law enforcement of the sexual assaults.  The minor did not want to produce the video, but eventually acquiesced after Rogers said he would come rescue her after she made the video.

After the minor sent the video of her abuse to Rogers, he then traveled to Tennessee and returned to Wisconsin with the minor.

The minor was reported missing on Jan. 14.

A subsequent investigation led to Rogers, and he was questioned on Jan. 31.

Prosecutors said Rogers admitted he had been in contact with the victim online, and that she had disclosed her sexual assault, but claimed he never met her in person, he did not go to Tennessee to get her, and he did not know her whereabouts.  During a search of his home, officers found the victim in a closet.

The victim told investigators Rogers had picked her up in Tennessee and brought her to Wisconsin, where he engaged in sexual intercourse with her.  The victim stated that during her two weeks in Wisconsin, she hid in Rogers’ closet or in the trunk of his car while he was at work.

The judge in this case noted Rogers targeted an extremely vulnerable victim and could have been a hero in this case by reporting the victim’s abuse to authorities. Instead, Rogers did not help her, and further victimized her.