Man charged with sexual assault for Oak Leaf Trail incidents

MILWAUKEE -- 41-year-old Duane Fish has been charged with three counts of fourth degree sexual assault for allegedly assaulting three women on the Oak Leaf Trail in Milwaukee.

The criminal complaint in the case indicates the first incident occurred on October 29th. A woman was running with a friend, and her friend's dog when Fish saw them, and reportedly said "Oh, Spandex." Later, the woman said the man put his hands on her, before she yelled at him, and he fled on his bicycle.

The second incident occurred on November 14th. A woman was running the stairs behind the Lake Park Bistro when the man touched her inappropriately without her consent.

The most recent incident occurred a few days later -- on November 17th. A woman was running down the hill on Lincoln Memorial Drive, towards the lake when Fish, on his bicycle, came up from behind her and grabbed her inappropriately.

When police interviewed Fish, he said he "knows he did something, and it was due to alcohol." Fish told police he "had a few drinks, and grabbed or groped (the women."

Fish faces a maximum of nine months in prison and $10,000 in fines (or both) on each of the sexual assault charges.