Man charged with grand theft after stolen zoo animals found in his apartment; some still missing

GAINESVILLE, Fla. -- A man suspected of stealing animals from a Florida zoo has been arrested.

Police say Sedrick Price took seven animals from the Santa Fe College Teaching Zoo.

Tips led police to an apartment complex, where three box turtles, two red foot tortoises, a skunk and a squirrel monkey were found.

Price, 20, has been charged with grand theft in connection with the stolen animals.

"A weight has been lifted off our shoulders to some extent. We're happy we're able to get some of the animals back and we feel like this is the first step in a lot more steps -- so we're hoping we find more of the animals," said Jonathan Miot, Santa Fe Teaching Zoo director.

Miot noted some of the animals required medication and it's not likely they received that while they were gone. He noted that potentially put their lives in danger.

"It's a continuing effort and a continuing investigation Until this situation and this case is completely resolved there are a number of different increased security measure that are on this property not only at the zoo but on the campus in general," said Jay Anderson with Santa Fe College.

Zoo officials said the animals were forcefully taken from their enclosures. They noted they're still working to find other animals stolen two weeks ago, and police said more arrests could be made.