Man charged in fatal hit-and-run crash waives preliminary hearing, bound over for trial

Daetwan Robinson

MILWAUKEE -- Daetwan Robinson, the man charged in connection with the hit-and-run crash that killed two young girls and seriously injured a 10-year-old,  boy, waived his preliminary hearing and was bound over for trial on Friday, Nov. 8. Additionally, he requested and was granted a substitution of judge. He is due back in court on Dec. 2 for an arraignment.

Robinson, 19, faces the following six criminal counts:

    Two girls, 4-year-old Amea Gee and 6-year-old Alisa Gee, died from injuries suffered in the crash at 22nd and Center. The girls' cousin, Drevyze Rayford, 10, was hurt in the crash.

    Daetwan Robinson

    The three children were walking home Thursday evening, Oct. 24 when a driver ran a red light at 22nd and Center and struck all three children before driving away.

    According to the criminal complaint,  police located numerous witnesses to the crash. The complaint says, "All uniformly stated that the striking vehicle was eastbound on W. Center Street at a high rate of speed in the bicycle lane, passing all the other cars which were stopped at the intersection to allow the children to cross. This car struck all three of the children as they were in the crosswalk, walking together from the north to the south side of Center Street. The witnesses stated that the striking vehicle fled the scene."

    Investigators record a video recording which shows the hit-and-run crash. According to the complaint, the video shows "the striking vehicle is moving at such a speed that it appears to be fishtailing and on two wheels only just prior to impact."

    Alisa and Amea Gee

    At the crash scene, officers "located a lower grille assembly and a broken piece of a car bumper. The piece of the bumper had duct tape attached to it." Based on a part number found on the bumper, investigators identified the car as a 2007-2009 4-door Saturn Aura.

    On Oct. 25, the complaint says police received an anonymous tip from a call who "stated that she had observed a similar car for sale online one day prior to the date of the crash." The caller indicated the "social media name of the person who posted" the car was Daetwan Robinson. Later that same day, police executed a search warrant at a residence and detached garage near 13th and Burleigh. They spotted a Saturn Aura. The complaint says officers "observed number cans of black spray paint, both on and around the Saturn. The car itself had been partially painted black with the spray paint. The unpainted portions were dark gray in color. The passenger compartment and truck were completely empty of all contents. The seats were still wet." Officers later "concluded that someone had attempted to remove the window tint and paint the car to alter its outward appearance." The complaint says an officer "observed that this Saturn Aura was missing its lower bumper grille, and he was able to match the piece of debris recovered from the crash scene to the left front corner of the bumper. The recovered piece fit exactly."

    Hit-and-run near 22nd and Center

    The complaint also says a confidential informant "received a communication from the defendant through social media." The messages read, "I need to come to yo house like " following by "I got in a car accident." A short time later, the complaint says Robinson showed up at the informant's house and admitted "he had hit 'the three kids' and that he had made 'a rookie mistake.'" Records show Robinson's driving privilege was suspended due to his conviction of "operating after suspension."