Man allegedly working as tow truck driver charged with stealing cars

MILWAUKEE -- Over 100 cars were stolen in Milwaukee, but it took just one person to put a stop to it. Now, police are looking into a towing company that may have been participating in the auto theft business.

28-year-old Tyrone Aikens is making his way through the court system -- charged with two counts of theft involving vehicles.

According to the criminal complaint in the case, as a tow truck driver for "Can't Stop Towing," Aikens "routinely drove around the city looking for vehicles that needed to be towed or junked."

Aikens was caught when a woman witnessed Aikens, and reportedly called police because she believed something wasn't right.

Aikens admitted to police that when he towed the two vehicles away, he was stealing them.

The cars were eventually returned, but that's not where this crime ends.

As police investigated the now apparently defunct towing company, a search warrant shows they "recovered four vehicles on the car lot of 'Can't Stop Towing.'" These vehicles had been reported stolen.

A little more digging led police to the business's scrap yard of choice -- Seven Stars Recycling. That same search warrant revealed "Can't Stop Towing" had sold more than 1,600 cars to the junk yard. Of those, police were able to confirm 118 vehicles were reported stolen one to three days prior.

All of the vehicles had reportedly been taken within the last year, which leaves questions about just how far back the crimes could go.

Aikens has only been charged with the theft of two vehicles. As for the other 116 (at least), no one has yet been charged. Police say their investigation is ongoing.