Man accused of trespassing in Oconomowoc; exiting home wearing a bathrobe, eating a banana

OCONOMOWOC -- A 37-year-old man is facing charges after police say he entered a home in Oconomowoc that does not belong to him and removed weapons from their cabinet.

37-year-old Joshua Wegner faces one count of criminal trespassing (repeater), and one count of disorderly conduct, use of a dangerous weapon (repeater).

On My 29th, just before 2:00 p.m., officers were dispatched to a home on Brown Street in the Town of Oconomowoc. There, they spoke with a woman who reported she heard a vehicle outside her home, and then saw a blonde-haired man in his 30s walking from the back of her home up to the pool area.

The woman left her home with her dog and called 911. When she left her home, the woman told police she saw a motorcycle she didn't recognize in the driveway.

An officer ran the motorcycle's plates, and found it was registered to Joshua Wegner.

Officials eventually observed a man exit the back of the home -- wearing a bathrobe and eating a banana.

Wegner was placed in handcuffs without incident. It was noted that he had removed his clothing and left it near the pool. He was wearing only the bathrobe.

Officers say Wegner claimed on several occasions that the home was his.

As officers got set to check on the home, they asked Wegner if there was anything inside. Police say Wegner said no, and then said there was something in there. When questioned further, Wegner said he was joking, police say.

Since they weren't totally sure what was inside the house, officers decided to wait for a K9 unit to arrive at the home.

The home was cleared and then searched. While the search was occurring, police say Wegner would appear to be sleeping, and then would laugh and make references to the fact that the home was his.

Wegner's motorcycle was towed, but before that was done, a backpack was located on it and police found the backpack contained "numerous medications."

Wegner was taken to the police department, where he gave a statement to officers.

Wegner told officers he spent the night at his uncle's home in Fond du Lac and then went "roading" to Elkhart Lake. He then told officers he went to his home -- which he admitted wasn't the home he was arrested at on Brown Street. He then went to his father's home and sat in a hot tub before going to the home on Brown Street. Police say Wegner told officers the Brown Street home was his, but then at another point, he identified it as his grandpa's house, or the house that his grandpa and dad built for him.

Police say Wegner told officers he is bipolar and hadn't taken his medication. He indicated the pills in his bag were for his bipolar disorder.

Police say during a search of the home on Brown Street, they learned Wegner had removed several weapons from their cabinet and laid them out on cases in the basement.

Wegner has a court hearing scheduled for June 25th in this case.