Man accused of backing over motorcyclist, beloved ROTC instructor on I-43, causing serious injuries

Cornelius McShane

MILWAUKEE -- An Illinois man is facing charges, accused of striking and then backing over a motorcyclist who is an Army veteran on I-43 on the Fourth of July.

Cornelius McShane, 66, of Freeport, Ill. faces one count of injury by intoxicated use of a vehicle (great bodily harm) and one count of second degree reckless injury.

According to a criminal complaint, on the Fourth of July, Wednesday, July 4, authorities responded to I-43 southbound at Burleigh, where they found a Harley-Davidson motorcycle on its side on the ground, and a red Cadillac with severe front end damage and airbag deployment.

The complaint says McShane was identified as the driver of the Cadillac, and he had one passenger.

There were several citizens standing near the Cadillac, and authorities found the motorcycle operator laying on the ground, with the Cadillac's rear passenger tire on top of the motorcyclist's legs. The motorcyclist was unconscious but had a pulse -- bleeding profusely from the head.

The motorcyclist, Sergeant Stephen Randall, was taken to the hospital, where it was determined there were "numerous brain bleeds." In addition to serving our country for 21 years, Sergeant Randall is a junior ROTC instructor at Hamilton High School -- and he has many students praying for him.

Keenen Walker

"This can't be real," said Keenen Walker, 17. "He was on his motorcycle when this happened. He's a big fan of motorcycles."

Walker has been an ROTC member since he was a freshman at Hamilton. Like the hundreds of students who have completed the program, he considers Randall a mentor.

Hamilton High School junior ROTC

"He taught me a lot of lessons and how to treat people, how to respect them. It's bad that it happened, but he's a tough man. He'll beat it. Sgt. Randall did fight for our country. I believe that everyone should pitch in and help this man who risked his life for everyone," said Randall.

Wreck near I-43 and Locust

The complaint says McShane indicated he "had a few beers approximately four to five hours prior," and he took hydrocodone. Prosecutors say investigators noted a strong odor of intoxicants, red, glassy eyes and slurred speech.

Field sobriety tests were performed poorly, and the complaint says McShane was arrested. A preliminary breath test revealed a result of .134. A sample of his blood was taken at the hospital and submitted for analysis.

Wreck near I-43 and Locust

The complaint says a witness indicated he was headed southbound on I-43 when he saw several vehicles ahead of him with their brake lights on. He slowed down and as he approached the crash scene, he said he saw the motorcyclist laying in the road, and he saw the red Cadillac back up over the man.

Prosecutors say investigators recovered a bottle of hydrocodone from the Cadillac, along with a bottle of "amlodipine besylate" pills -- a blood pressure medication.

McShane made his initial appearance in court on July 9. A preliminary hearing was set for July 19, and cash bond was set at $1,500.

CLICK HERE to access a account set up to support Sgt. Randall and his family.