Male students start a revolution wearing dresses!

WASHINGTON (WITI) -- Two Washington State High School students were sent home for wearing dresses during spirit week -- and that's now started a revolution at the school!

Chandler Krueger came dressed at Nicki Minaj, and his friend Mason Mudge came as Miss America. The sophomores knew their wardrobe choices would get attention, but they didn't expect to get in trouble with the principal.

Both boys were given a choice, change or go home -- they both went home.

"He told me that I needed to change and I asked him why, he said no reason so I told him that, you know, he had to have a better reason than that for me to change and he said no he didn't," said Mudge.

The superintendent said after reviewing district policies, in the future boys in dresses won't be sent home again.

So when the boys went back to school, dozens of students and even some staff were wearing clothes traditionally worn by the opposite sex.