Male, female polar bears in exhibit together at zoo

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee County Zoo officials say its male and female polar bears are now in a public exhibit together, and getting along well.

Willie is a temporary resident at the zoo while his exhibit is being renovated at the North Carolina Zoo. He joins the female, Snow Lilly in the exhibit.

Zookeepers report the two polar bears can often be seen swimming in their pool and playing with toys together.

Zoo officials say polar bears' ability to live, thrive and survive is being threatened by current and projected changes in their environment, and scientists say polar bears could disappear in a relatively short period of time.

In conjunction with Polar Bears International (PBI), the Milwaukee County Zoo is doing its part to help save the polar bears through various outreach programs, conservation initiatives, and dedicated efforts of Zookeeper / Arctic Ambassador, Kara DeLanty, and the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Association of Zookeepers (AAZK).

In 2009, Milwaukee County Zoo animal keeper, Kara DeLanty, attended PBI’s Leadership Camp located on the tundra near Churchill, Manitoba. Here, Kara observed polar bears in the wild and learned about climate change firsthand from experts in the field while aboard a mobile classroom.

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