'Makes you feel better:' YMCA celebrates Waukesha man who has kept his fitness goals since 1942

MILWAUKEE -- It's nearing the end of January -- which means New Year's resolutions are starting to fade. But not for one Waukesha man. He's been keeping his fitness goals since 1942.

Bob Lombardi

If you start coming to Waukesha YMCA -- one face will become familiar.

"I come here seven days a week, but Sunday is usually a light day," said Bob Lombardi.

Bob Lombardi has been a member of the Waukesha YMCA for 77 years.

"I joined the YMCA in 1942. I was 7 years old," said Lombardi.

Bob Lombardi

Bob Lombardi


He took a break from his workout routine Tuesday morning, Jan. 21 -- as the YMCA hosted a celebration for his decades of dedication.

"Our YMCA is a better place because of Bob," said Kathy Westpfahl, YMCA district executive director.

As one of seven kids, Lombardi says his family couldn't afford a YMCA membership when was young. So a local businessman sponsored him -- paying the $5 a year membership fee.

As an adult, Lombardi now donates to the Y every year. Helping countless other kids.

Bob Lombardi

"He's been doing this for years, I'd say hundreds, hundreds of kids," said Westpfahl.

Lombardi hopes every kid has a chance to discover his love of fitness.

"Everybody needs to physically be in shape. It makes you feel better. I think if you can donate money to people who can't afford to come with families and stuff like that with the youth, that's my main purpose," said Westpfahl.

Lombardi's three sons are also still involved with the Waukesha Y.