"Makes me sick:" Protester seen stomping on American flag outside Trump town hall at UWM

MILWAUKEE -- There were protesters outside the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's Mainstage Theatre, where Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was set to host a Fox News Channel town hall event scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on campus. Fox News Anchor Greta Van Susteren moderated the event.

A FOX6 News crew estimated there to be about 70 to 100 protesters on hand outside the theatre. Most were a part of the group #WeLove, which was started on Facebook.

An exchange occurred Sunday after a protester was seen stomping on an American flag outside the theatre.

More than 100 Trump supporters waited in line to see him speak, but outside, things got heated as protesters and supporters came face-to-face.

At one point, the opposing groups got too close -- and police were forced to create a line to separate them.


An organizer of the protests said they were there to "fight hate with love."

"I think students in general are very unhappy, although we appreciate that as a public university, we need people of all different beliefs to create dialogue," Mike Sportiello said.

Some weren't happy to see protesters disrespecting the American flag. FOX6 News is told the man who pulled out the American flag and stood on it was not affiliated with the #WeLove group.

"That`s our flag. That`s our country. I mean, that`s -- we`ve got family members, they`ve got family members that died for their right to do that and there is just no gratefulness, no respect. There`s no appreciation and it makes me sick. It thoroughly makes me sick. I think it`s sad," James Turk said.

Tom Luljak with UWM tells FOX6 News one person was arrested during the protest ahead of the Trump event on campus. That person was arrested for disorderly conduct and ticketed. Luljak said the arrest happened when the individual tried to go through police into the security area.

Later Sunday, Donald Trump was set to host a town hall event at Nathan Hale High School in West Allis.

All three of Trump's events in Wisconsin on Saturday, April 2nd went off without any interruption from protesters.

The crowds in Racine, Wausau and Eau Claire were enthusiastic but orderly.

Twice in Eau Claire, Trump stopped because an audience member yelled at him — but the shouts turned out to be supportive. Some in the crowd seemed almost disappointed there wouldn't be the spectacle of a demonstrator being removed.

The celebrity businessman said Saturday that his campaign was deliberating planning smaller events, making more thorough screening possible.

Outside the Eau Claire rally, some of Trump's supporters traded shouts with a few dozen demonstrators across the street.